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Nombres de ciencias. Vocabulario inglés-español. Vocabulary. Science names


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Fuente: http://phrontistery.info/sciences.html
acarology acarología study of mites
acoustics acústica science of sound
aerobiology aerobiología study of airborne organisms
aerodynamics aerodinámica dynamics of gases; science of movement in a flow of air or gas
aeronautics aeronáutica study of navigation through air or space
aerostatics aerostática science of air pressure; art of ballooning
agrobiology agrobiología study of plant nutrition; soil yields
agronomics (ingeniería) agronómica study of productivity of land
anaesthesiology anestesiología study of anaesthetics
anatomy anatomía study of the structure of the body
angiology angiología study of blood flow and lymphatic system
anthropology antropología study of human cultures
archaeology arqueología study of human material remains
astrogeology astrogeología study of extraterrestrial geology
astrology astrología study of influence of stars on people
astrometeorology astrometeorología study of effect of stars on climate
astronomy astronomía study of celestial bodies
astrophysics astrofísica study of behaviour of interstellar matter
astroseismology astrosismología study of star oscillations
audiology audiología study of hearing
avionics aviónica the science of electronic devices for aircraft
bacteriology bacteriología study of bacteria
bioecology bioecología study of interaction of life in the environment
biology biología study of life
biometrics biométrica study of biological measurement
botany botánica study of plants
cardiology cardiología study of the heart
chemistry química study of properties of substances
chronobiology cronobiología study of biological rhythms
climatology climatología study of climate
cosmology cosmología study of the universe
criminology criminología study of crime; criminals
cryptology criptología study of codes
dactylography dactilografía the study of fingerprints
dermatology dermatología study of skin
dramaturgy dramaturgia art of producing and staging dramatic works
ecology ecología study of environment
economics economía study of material wealth
Egyptology egiptología study of ancient Egypt
electrochemistry electroquímica study of relations between electricity and chemicals
electrostatics electrostática study of static electricity
embryology embriología study of embryos
endocrinology endocrinología study of glands
entomology entomología study of insects
epidemiology epidemiología study of diseases; epidemics
epistemology epistemología study of grounds of knowledge
ethnology etnología study of cultures
ethology etología study of natural or biological character
exobiology exobiología study of extraterrestrial life
genealogy genealogía study of descent of families
geochemistry geoquímica study of chemistry of the earth's crust
geography geografía study of surface of the earth and its inhabitants
geology geología study of earth's crust
geotechnics geotécnica study of increasing habitability of the earth
gerontology gerontología study of the elderly; aging
graphology grafología study of handwriting
gynaecology ginecología study of women’s physiology
gyrostatics girostática the study of rotating bodies
harmonics armonía study of musical acoustics
hematology hematología study of blood
hepatology hepatología study of liver
histology histología study of the tissues of organisms
historiography historiografía study of writing history
horticulture horticultura study of gardening
hydrobiology hidrobiología study of aquatic organisms
hydrodynamics hidrodinámica study of movement in liquids
hydrography hidrografía study of investigating bodies of water
hydrology hidrología study of water resources
iconography iconografía study of drawing symbols
immunogenetics inmunogenética study of genetic characteristics of immunity
immunology inmunología study of immunity
immunopathology inmunopatología study of immunity to disease
insectology insectología study of insects
kinesiology kinesiología study of human movement and posture
kinetics cinética study of forces producing or changing motion
laryngology laringología study of larynx
lexicology lexicología study of words and their meanings
linguistics lingüística study of language
magnetics magnética study of magnetism
mathematics matemática study of magnitude, number, and forms
mechanics mecánica study of action of force on bodies
metallurgy metalurgia study of alloying and treating metals
metaphysics metafísica study of principles of nature and thought
meteorology meteorología study of weather
microbiology microbiología study of microscopic organisms
microclimatology microclimatología study of local climates
microscopy microscopia study of minute objects
mineralogy mineralogía study of minerals
museology museología the study of museums
musicology musicología study of music
mythology mitología study of myths; fables; tales
nautics náutica art of navigation
neurobiology neurobiología study of anatomy of the nervous system
neurology neurología study of nervous system
neuropsychology neuropsicología study of relation between brain and behaviour
numismatics numismática study of coins
obstetrics obstetricia study of midwifery
oceanography oceanografía study of oceans
oceanology oceanología study of oceans
odontology odontología study of teeth
oncology oncología study of tumours
ophthalmology oftalmología study of eye diseases
optics óptica study of light
optometry optometría science of examining the eyes
ornithology ornitología study of birds
orthography ortografía study of spelling
osteology osteología study of bones
otorhinolaryngology otorrinolaringología study of ear, nose and throat
palaeoanthropology paleoantropología study of early humans
palaeobiology paleobiología study of fossil plants and animals
palaeoclimatology paleoclimatología study of ancient climates
palaeontology paleontología study of fossils
paleobotany paleobotánica study of ancient plants
parapsychology parapsicología study of unexplained mental phenomena
parasitology parasitología study of parasites
pedagogics pedagogía study of teaching
pharmacology farmacología study of drugs
phenomenology fenomenología study of phenomena
philately filatelia study of postage stamps
philology filología study of ancient texts; historical linguistics
philosophy filosofía science of knowledge or wisdom
physics física study of properties of matter and energy
physiology fisiología study of processes of life
pneumatics neumática study of mechanics of gases
podology podología study of the feet
psychobiology psicobiología study of biology of the mind
psychogenetics psicogenética study of internal or mental states
psychology psicología study of mind
psychopathology psicopatología study of mental illness
radiology radiología study of X-rays and their medical applications
reflexology reflexología study of reflexes
rheumatology reumatología study of rheumatism
seismology sismología study of earthquakes
semantics semántica study of meaning
semiology semiología study of signs and signals
semiotics semiótica study of signs and symbols
sexology sexología study of sexual behaviour
sociobiology sociobiología study of biological basis of human behaviour
sociology sociología study of society
spectroscopy espectroscopia study of spectra
speleology espeleología study and exploration of caves
stomatology estomatología study of the mouth
symbology simbología study of symbols
symptomatology sintomatología study of symptoms of illness
syntax sintaxis study of sentence structure
taxidermy taxidermia art of curing and stuffing animals
tectonics tectónica science of structure of objects, buildings and landforms
thanatology tanatología study of death and its customs
theology teología study of religion; religious doctrine
thermodynamics termodinámica study of relation of heat to motion
thermology termología study of heat
topology topología study of places and their natural features
toponymics toponimia study of place-names
toxicology toxicología study of poisons
traumatology traumatología study of wounds and their effects
typography tipografía art of printing or using type
urology urología study of urine; urinary tract
volcanology / vulcanology volcanología study of volcanoes
zoology zoología study of animals

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